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GOD 2.0

March 24, 2011 2 comments

The Rise of a New God – GOD 2.0

Force of Nature

Force Re-Defined

The Part between the lines is a quoted text from source.

Study claims organized religion will disappear in nine countries.

Source: (AHN) AllHeadlineNews
Reporter: Windsor Genova
Location: Dallas, TX, United States
Published: March 23

Mathematicians have predicted that organized religion in nine countries will become extinct based on census data dating back 100 years.

Richard Wiener of the University of Arizona, and Daniel Abrams and Haley Yaple of Northwestern University claim religion will disappear in Australia, Austria, the Czech Republic, Canada, Finland, Ireland, New Zealand, the Netherlands and Switzerland. The trio presented their prediction at a meeting of the American Physical Society in Dallas.

The mathematicians based their prediction on trends citing the growing number of “unaffiliated” groups in the said countries. In the Netherlands, 40 percent of the population identified themselves as unaffiliated. In the Czech Republic, the unaffiliated comprise 60 percent of the population.

The study also cited that Americans without religious affiliations are the fastest growing group in 50 states comprising 15 percent of the population as of 2008. Vermont has the highest percentage of unaffiliated people at 34 percent.

Abrams explained that sociological principles make it more attractive for people to switch groups and become part of the majority instead of the minority.


The following are my views.

Religion has been the biggest cause of deaths in all over history till the present day. This is the biggest denied fact by all the religious pundits and priests around the globe, e.g. The Crusades, The Spanish Inquisition, The Settlement/Expansion of The United States of America, Muslim honor killings, The Salem Witch Trials, The Muslin invasion of India, The current day Jehadis, Afghanistan, etc are just some to be quoted.

In my heart I have always wished that religion would go instinct. Why do I write this blog, you may ask? Because I always love it when my theories are backed by scientific data and research. It also helps me to keep up with my thought process and writing skills. Another controversial piece of theory coming right up, served hot, straight out of the oven.

A part of this research focused on the advent and use of languages among social groups and how a certain group of people would choose the language spoken by a majority. The heavy cost associated with learning a language and maintaining it becomes a deterrent for people to use it and they move forward. The lesser languages would eventually suffer absolute extinction. This I believe anyone reading this would agree in entirety. Examples – French, Spanish, English etc being used as the main languages for conversation across the globe. The literary people among the mass section of the society will always try to protect and save a language, but its demise is certain as lesser and lesser people use it and as Abrams explains that the sociological principles make it more attractive for people to switch groups and become part of the majority instead of the minority.

So how does this have anything to do with religion? According to psychological studies, it is a proven fact that human individual and social behavior is often defined by a statistical pattern of a cognitive level. Which means, more often than not, in our behavior we will follow a social order and direction even though, we choose to believe otherwise. It will happen at a sub-conscious and inherent level, unknowingly and sublimely. There will be people who will resist to that change and their point is validly accepted, however, there always have been religions in the past that have gone extinct e.g. Egyptian, Sumerian, Maya, Greek, Roman, Assyrian, Norse, just to name a few. Hence, their resistance will flow like sand, slowly but gradually and then scientific, statistical and psychological events shall take place.

Although, I do not completely agree with the study as I believe it will never be possible for humans to not be a part of a certain group. So do I believe that current religions can go away? Of course, I do. Does this mean there might be a birth of a new religion? Yes. It is in our inherent nature to try and always be a part of a sociological order that gives us a sense of belonging.

The Older religious books and text were written by people over 2000 years ago, or maybe more. I am just using a realistic figure. I have myself read the Bible, Quran and Bhagavad Gita (only these three) and some of the things in there really do not make sense to me. Homosexuality being frowned upon, oppression of women, the kind of lifestyle you are expected to live, Ghost cleansing, Exorcism etc; a lot of things have changed dramatically in last two centuries and it’s time for change, believe it or not it’s coming.

Some certain percentage of people will always need religion and I believe the new religion will be more about you than anyone else; it will be a social phenomenon which incorporates much more practical aspects of life than that exist in the texts today. There might be a change in definition of God who right now is just termed as HIM, what if HE is a WOMAN or a BIRD or a different form of existence altogether. So GOD might become a entity that you might view in your form and light. GOD will be something that makes an individual comfortable and unifies the existence of all mankind (no) HUMANKIND and treat everyone equally.

That will be a coming of God 2.0.

[2] The word “Humankind”, came out as a result of discussion with Miss Akriti, and I must Quote her here as I used it.

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